Favorites of the 2014 IFFR

Obvious Child (Gillian Robespierre 2014)


Donna a New York native and stand up comedian gets dumped by her boyfriend right before she hits the stage to perform. Needless to say that it is one of the worst and most awkward shows she’s ever done. For the viewer however this is funny, lots of jokes concerning herself being a selfloating jew. Not long after that she loses her job and on top of that she ends up pregnant after a one night stand she has in the same week. Lots of tragedies for Donna. She decides to have an abortion but before she does she ends up knowing the guy that knocked her up much better. This sounds a bit like knocked up, but it’s completely different except for the one night stand and being pregnant part. The movie touches a lot of sensitive subjects and oversteps boundaries since abortion is still a difficult subject in films. The director knows how to keep things fresh and with Jenny Slate as Donna the director has found an unique character for this role. She is rude and talks a lot but she has an enormous love for her friends and Jenny knows exactly how to portrait the vulnerable side of Donna and being a bitch as well sometimes. This movie was directly in my top 10 list for this year. It’s not an unique story, but it’s done so pretty well and hilarious at times with a lot of non pc jokes. For fans of stand up comedy work this is a must see as well.

Some really interesting stand up performances are in the movie as well.


La Cueva (Alfredo Monteiro 2014)

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A horrormovie at the festival is something I am always interested in, some are really good and interesting. Some are not, but seeing a horrormovie in a filled out theatre is an experience that’s hard to beat. This year La Cueva caught my interest. A group of friends looking for adventure on their trip on a remote Island near Spain. The island looks beautiful and the fun the friends are having together is genuine and strong in contrast to what lies hidden for them. They stray of their path and find a cave they need to explore. With torches and a camera to film their adventure to go into the cave. What they wanted they do not find, what they always feared is about to happen. They get lost and have to rely on each other to find their way back. Tension rise and one by one they are fighting each other. This is not an original story and also the excitement and fear on screen we’ve seen before, but this movie is good in showing how people can change in extreme conditions and they don’t shy away from gory scenes en brutal violence. That is what most movies lack in this genre. They took a lot of influences of found footage movies such as the blair witch project, but also the new wave of Spanish horror is definitely a big influence. Don’t expect a funny horrormovie, but something that makes you think afterwards and it leaves you with an awkward feeling.

Weeks after this festival me and my friends still talk about this movie!

la cueva

Han Gong Yu (Lee Su-Yin 2013)

han gong yu

A highschooldrama that blew me away! I was hoping this movie would receive a tigeraward since it is such a good movie. For a beginning director he has made a movie that a lot of well known directors would be jalous off. The movie is dark and sometimes hard to get into. Han gong-Yu is struggling at her highschool. She is being picked on and after an incident she was banished from her old town. She is a lonely teen looking for acceptance and finds herself a place at an old lady’s house and she works for her at the supermarket she runs. At school she has a friend and she is opening up to her, but not about her past. What exactly did happen, with small flashbacks we see her father show up, she and her friends at house, but nothing revealing. We are completely in the dark, but you do feel sympathy for the girl and want her to be as happy as her classmates. I am not going into details furthermore about the movie since it spoil the plot and surprise maybe. I was surprised myself by the great acting, the extremely grim atmosphere and the overall tension that was in the movie and eventually in the room. You could feel the overall compassion with Han Gong-Yu Hope to see more by this director in the coming years!

han gong