Metalhead IFFR 2014

Metalhead- Malmhaus (Ragnar Bragason 2013)


Hera and her family live on a remote farm in Iceland. After the unfortunate and unexpected death of her brother the family is devastated. Hera always was a happy girl and her brother she idolised and after his death she is struggling with her loss. She is wearing his old jacket and starts to listen to his metalrecords and soon she becomes a metalhead herself. She picks up a guitar and is writing songs to deal with her grief and pain.  She is also not that lovely girl anymore and she is getting in trouble, has huge fights with her parents, but her father has hope for her. When she discovers a new sound she finds her peace and makes a demo to become the rockstar she always dreamed off.


This movie has a huge drama theme, but has that worked that out so fresh and with lots of humour as well. Hera is a lovely character and you will feel compassionate with her and her family as well.  At the end of the movie you will bang your head in support of them! Hail to the gods rock and roll!