Pelo Malo IFFR 2014

Pela Malo (Mariana Rondon 2013)

pelo malo

Junior is a little boy who wants to be a dancer and singer. He has long curly hair which his mother loves. But he hates it, he wants to have the same straight hair like his Idol.  Everyday he is straightening his hair with the help of his grandma. She adores the kid and wants him to be happy. As soon as his mother sees it she gets furious, not because she is mad at him for doing it, but she is afraid he is gay. She wants to protect him since being gay in Caracas is not accepted that well. The differences  between her  a jobless security guard, dealing with daily problems in Caracas and her mother are wide. Where she worries and feels guilty for her overprotection her mother doesn’t see a problem  in Junior’s behaviour.  She loves to see him dance and sing and being a happy kid with his straight beautiful hair.  The title is chosen because Junior did not get to finish his straightening and walks around with part straight and part curly hair a long time, which leads to funny conversations with a girl he meets.  The combination between his day and his mother’s day in this movie is where the strength lies. You learn too look for the small treasures in a difficult situation. That’s what this movie showed me.  Great acting, good story and although it shows a raw look on life in Venezuela it has a feelgood feeling at the end.  A winner!

pelo malo 2