Jacky au Royaume des filles IFFR 2014

Jacky au Royaume des filles (Riad Sattouf 2014)


In a made up country named La Republique democratique et Populaire de Bubunne the country is run by women. The men walk in robes and wear veils and are in charge of the household. The country however is not democratic at all. It’s run with an iron fist by General Bubunne. It’s a weird situation. People are eating gruel which they get from their tap instead of water. The horses have a better life than most citizens. In this world Jacky is getting ready for the Ball so he can meet the Generals daughter to be chosen as her husband. It’s a struggle amongst others and also richer men. This is a romantic comedy with a lot of criticism to our own system, the genderroles in society are switched completely what makes this movie absurd at times but also very sharp since a lot of things we do see as normal when it does not involve yourself. I hope this movie will get a lot more attention. It’s a great one for the theatre and might lead to some conversations and discussions. Try to watch this! You won’t be disappointed.

jacky 2