International Filmfestival of Rotterdam 2014 3

The Mole song: undercover agent Reiji (Takashi Miike 2013)


Just like Ishi Yuya the name Takashi Miike is well known if not the name that is always present at IFFR. This year he is back with yet another slightly light movie for him. 2 years ago he made a movie from a game and this year it’s a manga story again. What can you expect when it involves Yakuza, cops and Miike as a director. Insanity is what comes to mind and that’s where my dissapointment lies. It’s insane and really funny the first hour, after that the movie completely falls into pieces. Long dialogues that don’t lead to anything and suddenly it seems that Miike realises it to and he decides to go overboard with the actionscenes. After such a long wait for anything to happen it gives you a slight kick, but the overall ending is not satisfying at all. I remember most of his movies as mentionable to friends, the last few however I won’t suggest to anyone. Only for real Miike lovers that need to see anything by him! I include myself to that as well, but not such a great fan anymore.

mole song 3

Starred up (David Mckenzie 2013)


This movie I heard about in october but did not have a change to see it in the UK yet. I was happy to see it show up in the programme cause I knew this was gonna be one of the best movies for this edition. I might sound prejudiced now, but jailmovies and especially drama’s are interesting and looking into IFFR’s past I must admit that I saw a few really good movies with that theme as well (R and un Prophete are in my favorites). Therefore I did not read into this one before and be surprised. I mentioned R and un prophete already, but I enjoyed this more! The acting is amazing, the pain of being imprisioned is constantly there, the violence and coping with it from both sides. The lead actor pulls you in right away and although he is not a nice guy you feel sympathy and you want to see his story and feel compassionate with him and his comrades. The daily struggle and staying alive without fear is something that grabs you by the troat and won’t let go till after the festival. Make sure you see a comedy or light movie afterwards.