La Distancia/Ping Pong Summer IFFR 2014

La Distancia (Sergio Caballero 2014)


For people that saw Finnisterrae this might not be too surprising but this is probably the weirdest film you will see this year. I only saw 3 sentences describing this movie and without seein it I allready fell in love with it.
It’s almost impossible to describe the movie, but that’s exactly what the director is going for. It was called a heist film but none you’d ever seen before. It was called fantasy but except for the bloodthirsty murderous dwarves you won’t see any Tolkien or pratchett references. But fantasy is a wide range and this one belongs there for sure. The leadcharacter is a bucket, everyone is talking in different languages but since it is only communicated by telepathy everyone does understand each other. It involves a break in, stealing, murder. Haiku’s and all is centered around an old russion powerplant. For anyone that wants to be surprised this is the movie you should see!

distancia distancia3

Ping Pong Summer (Michael Tully 2013)


A definite crowdpleaser. This is a great 80’s tribute. It has everything I loved back then. BMX, Ping Pong, great music and friendship. Off course you could say another coming of age film, but when they’re done with so much pleasure I only can say more please! Radford is going on a vacation with his parents to ocean city. He loves tabletennis and makes a friend that wants to play with him at the arcade. Just like in a lot of 80’s flicks there is a bully and competition (Karate Kid,Rad,Thrashing, Last Dragon). They lose to these guys and they are not allowed back as a result. But they won’t give up and the neighbour that everyone fears seems to be really nice and an old tabletennis pro. With her help they might come back to win! This movie brings back the 80’s kid in me, after this I wanted to see the karate kid, I wanted to hear my 80’s poprecords and the real cheesy ones like Tiffany or bananarama. The director has outdone himself with the photography and overall 80’s feel in this. I just hope he had just as much fun as did most of the viewers.