Fantail IFFR 2014

Fantail ( Curtis Vowell 2013)


The New Zealand cinema had always a great admiration from the IFFR it seems. Almost every year a few of them are screened and some of them became festival favorites. This story starts off kinda fresh and funny since a blond girl called Tania thinks she is a maori. She is not, but has Maori customs and speaks more native language than most Maori’s do off their own. She works at a gasstation/supermarket and a new supervisor starts his job. He is the total opposite of her and he is in fact a native Maori, but does not want to know anything about his own culture.

Curtis Vowell - Sophie Hendersonsophiehenderson165

The dialogues between the two are funny but also give distress to both of them. The need to work together and respect each other eventually for being who they are and become friends as well, although not easy and very awkward most of the time. Her half brother comes by a lot which her supervisor does not agree with, he is hanging out with the wrong people and although Tania knows it she does not want to argue to much about it. The movie has a small story and was meant for theatre, but as a movie it works remarkably well. Great acting and enjoyable characters, after this movie you want to meet them!