International Filmfestival of Rotterdam 2014 2

L’amour est un crime parfait ( Arnoud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu 2013)

L'amour est un crime

Mark is a teacher and knows how to attract the ladies and is also not very carefull with his dating habit. His girl students are very happy with him and he has no scrupules dating them. This however is not the big problem. One of his students goes missing and he is confronted with his relation to her. Her stepmother is looking for her and after their first contact it seems they have a spark but is she aware of the relation of him and her stepdaughter. With scenes in the alps suggesting where the girl might be and the scenes at the proffessors home where he has a very disturbed relation with his sister we get closer to the truth. Is the stepmother trying to find that too or is her relation with the proffessor all that she was after? Why doesn’t her father show up, why is the police not interested in him anymore as a possible suspect? Lot’s of intriguing things are going in this thriller from France. Expect some superb acting an icy atmosphere and lots of tension. This movie deserves some more attention from European cinema’s.

"AMOUR CRIME PARFAIT" Un film de Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu

Big Bad Wolves (Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado 2013)

big bad wolves big bad wolves 2


big bad wolves 3

The Israeli film is the answer to Quentin Tarantino’s tribute movies to the 70’s and 80’s gangster movies. Expect pulp fiction insanity, Reservoir dogs violence and some saw kind of torture horror. But it has more, all this violence is a reaction from people and agents in search for a killer that murdered little kids in the most gruesome way. When they think they have the murderer they don’t simply arrest him. Now it’s time for some fight fire with fire/eye for an eye justice. This movie is definitely gruesome, but also funny like Tarantino’s movies. When you do gruesome stuff overdo it and it becomes insane and funny for the viewer. The film however is also some sort of reaction of the Israeli to the daily life of being at war. When you get hurt you react with extreme violence towards those that have done that to you. That sentiment is definitely something encrypted in the movie and makes this more interesting for me, cause it made me think of my own reaction to such a heinous crime. Tarantino said it was his favorite movie of 2013, I don’t agree with him on that, but it’s a good movie for sure and not just and extreme violent one.


Great Passage (Ishi Yuya 2013)


Ishi Yuya is well known to the Internation Filmfestival of Rotterdam, he debuted at the festival with only 4 movies the same year. The festival showed great courage and also their talent for finding new filmmakers that would become great over the years. This year the festival programmed his latest movie and it was no small one, this one went up as the Japanese movie to send in for an Oscar. So Japanese critics and fans showed their appreciation already. Now it was time for the Rotterdam crowd. The movie tells the story of a bookcompany that specialises in dictionaries. Now the editor and his team have made the decision to make the most complete living dictionary in Japanese language. This work takes up years in the making and we see the lead character struggling and falling in love and together they are destined to complete the work. The characters are lovely, the story itself however is kinda of old fashioned in this day and age with internet. Especially since the story is evolving in the last decade. Nonetheless quite interesting and the lovestory is adorable. But overall a bit too long and a bit too late to really impress.

great passage 2