The Pinkie IFFR 2014

The Pinkie (Lisa Takeba 2013)


beginning director Lisa Takeba returned to this year’s edition with her first feature film, an energetic, over the top and fun movie that has something for everyone. Bringing the audience a mix of comedy, sci-fi, drama, absurd action and even some bloody action The story follows Ryosuke (Ryota Ozawa), a guy who since the age of 5 has to deal with stalker Momoko (Miwako Wagatsuma), a girl that just can’t leave him alone. She adores him and even had plastic surgery to be Ryosuke’s type, but he wants nothing to do with her. Ryosuke tries to win the heart of a gangster’s girl (Haruka Suenaga), which brings him quite a lot of trouble. It even leads to a yakuza gang leader (Kanji Tsuda) cutting off Ryosuke’s pinkie, which then comes in the possession of Momoko. She uses this pinkie to create a clone of Ryosuke, so she can finally have him all for herself… And this is just the beginning. Clearly influenced by manga and popular culture, director Takeba takes all kinds of colorful elements, mixes them together, and out comes this gem. The movie isn’t afraid to get absurd every now and then and goes happily over the top with its humor and situations. This turns the story in a film that delivers the viewer a certain level of craziness that you like or dislike. It is all squeezed into 65 minutes, and it’s quite impressive to see how it all fits in there. The film is made with a lot of fun and this is very noticeable throughout. The plot involves some fun and goofy characters, with the cruel yakuza gang leader played by Kanji Tsuda as one of my favorites. These characters light up the film and bring the story to life in an entertaining fashion. Don’t expect an big budget movie that Takashi Miike would have made of it, but that’s what this movie doesn’t need. Director Takeba has spend the money she had well and has succeeded in creating a rich and colorful world The_Pinkie_Film_still_crop_3-625x351