IFFR 2015 2 As the gods will

As the gods will (Takashi Miike 2014)


Since 2000 Takashi Miike has become one of the festival’s favorite directors. Every year at least one of his movies is shown. This year it’s 2. Completely different from each other but definitely recognisable Miike work. The last few years his movies however are dissapointing in my oppinion. Lots of repetative gorescenes we know from his earlier work and he sticks to much to the absurd. This can work out well like in his earlier work such as Zebraman or happiness of the Katakuris where he exactly knew how to make something funny absurd but in a decent matter instead of going overboard such as in Agent Reiji the Mole song. However he still manages to get a lot of people to his movies, but I enjoy it less and less.
As the gods will is no exception and I wished it would be! The opening is incredible and a definite Takashi Miike one. Full speed ahead from that first scene, but there’s the trap. he repeats himself, slightly different but we saw this already and it’s not funny anymore, maybe for half a minute since it seems new. After that second game it’s clear that he is repeating himself with scenes that his fans love. In my case used to love.
The storyline is about a class that needs to fight for their lives with a game, this game is extensive and the students have to work together so they can stay alive. However Miike likes a bodydrop in his movie so expect not to many survivers.
The first half hour was great but after that I wished I could fall asleep since it became boring.
I know I will see his next movie again, I believe he is capable in making a great one again. I’ll wait patiently and for now there’s other movies to attend.