IFFR 2015 Bridgend

Bridgend (Jeppe Ronde 2015)


When I read about this movie I got intrigued immediately. The story focuses on a town in Wales where 79 people, mostly teenagers killed themselves over a 5 year period without leaving any explanation. The fact this is not fiction but based on true events makes it more gruesome than a normal horrormovie would.

The movie itself blew me away, a hammer straight to your face! The director choose for a direct approach and gives the characters a lot of heart and made me wonder and interested in them, how do they react to this tragedy that just occurred for them. Since there is still no explanation on why this happens so much it is great to see that the director does not give his own idea of that. This is as real as it gets. The acting from these teenagers is incredible as is that of the older actors in the parents roles. The tragedy involves all of them and it’s hard to deal with, but as long as they stick together as friends it seems they can cope with it till the next suicide, the way the movie portraits this is beautiful. Their own rituals to salute their dead friends and not talking about it gives it some idea of a cult that was mentioned in some papers that wrote about the mass suicides. The movie however does not get into that and just shows their grief and pain with lots of respect.

This is a drama but feels as a triller as well, so much darkness and powerfull images that left me stunned afterwards.

I can say a lot about this movie, but it would ruin the impact for others! Just go see it this week at the International Filmfestival of Rotterdam.


Since this was the worldpremiere it seems there is no trailer yet. I will follow up on that later.