IFFR 2015 Chigasaki story

Chigasaki story ( Takuya Misawa 2014)


I choose this movie cause it’s light and heartfelt from what I read. A great combination for a eveningmovie or a date. The storyline and remark about the room that was used by Ozu for his screenplays did tell me something about the tone and speed this movie would have. However it’s not an Ozu tribute but it does have some of the same elements. Food, friendship and loyalty. The first half hour starts off really good. Introducing the characters, showing where this weekend leads too and then it stops. The characters are bland and do not really standout. One of the leadcharacters is interesting and you wait for his story, why is he like that. What does he like or love, why does he feel the need to help people all the time and why is he not seeing that he is loved by some and ridiculed by most. Not only his character needs more exploration, but it’s his story you actually want to know. The movie fails to deliver in that at first and also the story leaves out important issues that are occuring in the story but never have an explanation. The movie is slow and joyfull, but too be interesting I was not convinced. I know it’s a first time director and therefore I hope he will decide to make another movie with some more depth and character.  It is not a bad movie, but it’s a bit long with this story and speed.

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