IFFR 2015 German Angst

German Angst ( Jorg Buttgereit, Andreas Marschall, Michal Kosakowski 2014)


Jorg Buttgereit most people into horror and genrefilms know because of his film Nekromantik. That one is from 1987 and should not be brought into consideration when you choose this movie. It’s 3 stories that are based on fear. In the booklet you could read about the deaf couple harrassed by nazi’s/racists, guy going crazy by drinking alrune juice and a girl torturing some guy. If you read this synopsis and remember Nekromantik, you might want to see another movie, but that would be a mistake cause this movie is not a grindhouse cheap super 8 movie like we saw in the 80’s and loved. This one is beautifully shot, has cool storylines and shows horror and fear less extreme but leaves more to you imagination. It’s still horror so lots of blood will flow, gorescenes are involved and violence and sex are big parts of these 3 movies as well.
My favorite one is Alrune- the movie is quite dark and still shows a tone of comedy. From what we see and hear you almost would think the leadcharacter is telling a dream to his girlfriend. People dissapear, he has the most intens sexexperience ever, but never saw with whom. It was fun too see a short link to the first movie and the ending was tragic which I love in horror! The first one was gruesome and some people in the theatre were quite loud with their comments at some points. The combination of slicing and dicing with the girls voiceover talking about Gerbils/guinea pigs and their health was mainly sarcastic from what I thought and extremely funny. The second part with the deaf couple did not move me that much since it was a combination of folklore horror with bodyswitching and I’ve seen better movies like that. The idea of the deaf couple I did like a lot, especially since the change of bodies let to such a different ending as expected. Overall this combination was a great addition to the festivals catalogue of horrormovies! Thanks to their crew I was able to see this film for free as well.

german angst crew