IFFR 2015 I swear I’ll leave this town

I swear I’ll leave this town (Daniel Aragao 2014)


The synopsis to this movie made me interested in it. When the movie was presented with the director and cast present I was intrigued. This seemed like a movie that could end up in my top 10 list according to what I read and heard.
But I did not like it at all, I was thinking troughout the movie I swear I’ll leave this theatre but I wanted to know how it would develop. The story deals about a girl that is in rehab, but at no point in the movie she is relapsing or talks about drugs at all. Her best friend is smoking crack in front of her and there’s hardly any emotion visible. The girl does act okay, but does not convince as an ex druguser. The conversations are shallow and throughout the movie the only thing that matters is her fathers campaign. She is helping him with his antidrug policy by showing the pro’s of rehabilitation. At a certain point she changes completely and from that moment on I lost my interest. The story has an unsatisfying ending and that’s what bothered me, why did they choose for this. It did not interest me that much too ask about it after the movie.
This movie did get a lot of attention but does not deliver to the hype. Too bad since I really wanted to like it.

I swear I'll leave