IFFR 2015 Murder take one

Murder take one (Jang Jin 2005)

murder take one

Jang Jin is one of the filmmakers in focus, with 12 of his movies it’s hard to make decisions which ones I should watch. With each one I realise I would like to see em all. They are all different and have something unique about them.
This movie is already ten years old, but feels fresh and very actual. It’s a thriller with some scifi elements to it, but these elements are actually quite close. So this story might be scary as well since it is a close reality. Realityshows involving murdertrials. This story starts with the death of a woman in a hotelroom. Soon they have a suspect, but he is not the murderer? With a typical british style detectivestory the story evolves and other parties will become part of it.
After seeing a few movies and Tony Rayns keeps telling that’s it not a typical Jang Jin story I am happy that this finally is a movie that shows his involvement in the whole process. The satirical view on politics and system as of today is constantly there. Although he choose for a thriller upset, it definitely leaves room for comedy and a oppinion from the director. Now it’s the whole movie, but also in We are Brothers he likes to involve the media in his story and actually ends up making a story about massmedia with other elements.
This movie was good in 2005 and still has a relevant role in movies today, the festival made a great choice screening his movies and this is just one of them.

murder take 1