IFFR 2015 Righteous Ties

Righteous Ties ( Jan Jing 2004)


Jan Jing is this year one of the filmmakers in focus and 12 of his movies ( movies he worked on as a director/writer/producer) are screened at the festival. Jan Jing is not well knows outside of Korea and it’s about time he does get the attention and recognition for his work.
Righteous ties is considered one of his most generic movies according to the critics. But with the introduction some of the typical Jan Jing scenes are discussed briefly. All I can say is that I really enjoyed this movie. Great characters, great storyline and theme.
There are tons of movies that start off as a jailmovie but most end up as jailbreakmovies. This one has elements of both movies, but also touches the korean gangstermovie theme. Friendship in jail and respect for the other inmates is strongly advertised in this one and shows outsideworld that is involved in crimes in jail as well.
The lead character goes to jail for attempted murder while he was working for his gangsterboss, to make sure he does not talk or seeks revenge after his sentence the gangster seek help in jail to make sure he never gets out. This plan backfires, the way that this is done is emotional and not typical for an actionflick with this theme.
Best friends fighting each other for money and respect in the crew is nothing new, but in this movie it shows respect for all characters.
Every lost life is precious. This movie might have been his most generic, for me this made sure I want to see more of his work and already today I did!