IFFR 2015 Romantic Heaven

Romantic Heaven (Jang Jin 2011)

romantic heaven1

The cinerma regained special for Jang Jin’s spectrum is a rather large one with 12 movies,  I cannot see them all, but try to see as much as possible. Till now I am very pleased with his movies and it’s great to see them on the big screen and probably this week is my or your only chance.


Romantic heaven is a new movie and just like We are brothers are not distinctive for his known work. Less satirical on the political side but rather personal and a different look at religion. His political satire and criticism in his earlier work was less subtile. Is he against religion or does he wants to show us his idea of an ideal heaven and world.  This movie shows a lot of respect for the characters and love in general. It has a lot of comedy in it as well. Something that we see in all his movies. The last movies however do show his interest for other formats and storylines to combine more and not just focus on a satire. On that note this movie stood out for me together with Man on high heels which is a completely different movie.

romantic heaven 6


The story is about people that come in contact with each other for all sorts of reasons. Accidents, dying mother, murder and the search for the murderer.  Lots of storylines, but no difficult ones, so you’ll be in the story easily. In these situations heaven is discussed already by some of the characters and god might be watching very closely.  Is heaven and hell like the church is telling us or can we have a different oppinion and view? That’s what Jang Jin is showing us. Do we romantisize heaven to much or fear hell too much. With lots of comedic scenes and discussions with people and god in heaven he shows his idea of an ideal heaven, which is quite a nice one if you ask me.


A beautiful movie that you should see at the theatre this week if you still have some time. Only at the International Filmfestival of Rotterdam.

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