IFFR 2015 We are brothers

We are brothers (Jan Jing 2014)

we are brothers

After seeing Righteous ties this afternoon I was looking forward to this movie. Again another movie that is not a typical Jan Jing movie is told before the screening. However I have to disagree with that. This is definitely showing his interest for political satire, making fun about religion and tvshows and therefore fits his work perfectly. This movie I loved. It has warmth, character, humor, love and drama and it blends perfectly. The story about two brother that lose contact and find each other after 30 years is not new and maybe has been outdone by wednesdaynight tvdrama,s. None of them is like this, the moment they meet each other they lose their mother. What follows is a roadtrip with them arguing all the time. The oldest brother has become a pastor and the youngest a shaman. The oldest is positive and the youngest negative. At moments it reminded me about the odd couple/grumpy old man a bit. The oldest was adopted and moved to the US while the youngest went from the orphanage to the streets. He felt abandoned and has always been angry at his older brother for leaving to a better life. They need to work together to find their mother who is actually looking for her 2 boys. With lots of adventures and new found friends the two brothers find out that they need each other as well.
Beautifully made and with lots of comedy this story is really fresh and made me realise why I like going to this festival. If you find the time, this is the movie you need to see this week!

we are brothers2