IFFR2015 The world of Kanako

The world of Kanako (Nakashima Tetsuya 2014)


Another Japanese story that has a lot of violence, but it ended up in yearlists from some reviewers that I admire and like. Therefore I decided to watch it. It does have some big actors in it as well. One of the most people will recognise from his movies he did with Kurosawa Kyoshi such as doppelganger. Here he is playing and ex-cop that works as a securityguard but most of the time he is a trafficguide at constructionsites. He is not happy with his life, his wife and daughter abandoned him. His life is not worth much at this moment. When he receives a call from his ex wife about his daughter he rejects her and does not want to help out. But very soon the agent in him awakens and he goes searching for his daughter and not kindly. Kanako is his daughter and seems to be abducted by a violent gang, but is that really what’s going on.

This movie does have the ability to be great in being a violent one with lots of comedy, think of why don’t you play in hell, cold fish (both by Sono Sion yes). but fails in that direction. Instead the director choose for a difficult layer in the storyline and makes it a thriller. Problem is that none of the characters is appealing. I could not find any connection with Kanak0 or her dad or friends of her. The violence is more harsch and in your face, that could have been a good thing, but now I did not care that much about the ones getting hurt or the ones doing the beating/shooting. Overall this movie has some incredible scenes and I do like the idea of making it into a slasherthriller, but for me it did not work at all.

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