International Filmfestival 2015 1 LaLaLa at Rockbottom

LaLaLa at Rockbottom (Yamashita Nobuhiro 2015)

lalala at rockbottom1

One of IFFR’s favorite directors (Linda Linda Linda, Matsugane Potshot Affair) is back with his latest movie and presents it in in Rotterdam for the first time with a special surprise for the fans.  LaLaLa at Rockbottom features famous popstar Shibutani Subaru from the band Kanjani 8. That he is famous is clear when he is introduced. The place goes wild, with both the lead actor and director present this is kind of a special evening.

The movie is not unlike Nobuhiro’s other work, another feelgood movie with a dose of comedy and still some daily life and human tragedy.  Like his other work I do like this as well.  It has a great cast and lovely characters and the storyline is interesting as well.  The only flaw is the lead character played by Shibutani, he is not an actor and has difficulties convincing.  It seems at times he acts as himself instead of a different character.  But overall this movie has passion and as soon as he gets to sing you feel his passion and love as well.

The story is about Pooch/Shigeo who’s gets out of prison and into problems. He wakes up on the street and suffers from amnesia. At some point he hears music and steals the microphone of the singer and starts to sing, right after that he collapses and he ends up at the bands manager and planner. He can stay at her if he works for her and when the leadsinger for the bands gets injured he fills in.  His dark past is however haunting him and will catch up.

This movie made me smile a lot and in no time you’ll be humming the tunes of the band.   Another winner and I hope to see Nobuhiro’s next movie as well.

After the movie there was the big surprise. Shibutani Subaru would do his one and only show out of Japan especially for the festival. With songs from the movie and a Billy Joel cover (Pianoman) changed to Japanese man, the night was complete.

LaLaLa at Rockbottom the show at Luxor

Mazzel Gijs